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brass carb - non T ok

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  • brass carb - non T ok

    I need a non working brass carb, internal parts not necessary, for display engine.
    Side draft or up draft preferred.

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    I have a carter with a cast iron body and a brass bowl. Non operational. Yours for shipping. 20200223_163547.jpg


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    • Poor Boy
      Zenith Model B carb
      by Poor Boy
      Good evening Guys. Was at the Stowe flea market and got some great stuff. One of the items was a Zenith B carb. It looked pretty tough, and I was hoping to save the top casting. As it turns out it cleaned up real nice and although I have not tested it , I think it is a good usable carb. It has a round float and the GAV is the same style as the Model A. I have tried searching, but cannot find...
      08-15-2019, 07:08 PM
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      What the best of ways to store a Zenith carb? Acquiring a second carb, it was rebuilt a few months back and the guy came in possession of a Marvel. Needs to sell the Zenith to help pay for the Marvel. I'm buying it.
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    • Mickey
      Model B carb. rebuild
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      Can anyone (would anyone) build me a good working B carb. from what you see here? I would ,of course, pay for any additional materials. The first three shots are the same table, different view. The fourth shot is three additional cores. I've checked most of the best vendors and other sources. None. Renner no longer rebuilds carbs....
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      I'm having kind of an odd carb problem on an A.It is something I've never seen before.When I turn on the gas it leaks badly out the throat until the float shuts the valve.Then it does slowly weep,maybe a drop every couple of minutes.It does idle too rich,even with the GAV turned all the way down.I have verified the GAV needle is hitting the seat,but just with a magic marker,not by pressure.This carb...
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      Marvel carb
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      Is there anywhere you can get Marvel repair parts or is it a DIY thing ?
      12-09-2018, 03:56 PM
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      Hi Guys, Another strange noise. I had carb repaired. It was leaking pretty bad. I installed it yesterday and no leaks. But I have a whistling/whirring sound now. I know it could be between the carb and manifold maybe. Possibly the distributor bearing. I did put a new gasket on it and tightened it evenly. I took belt off and ran it a minute and the sound was still there so it’s not water pump or...
      08-22-2019, 01:30 PM
    • Beauford
      Just got a backup carb...
      by Beauford
      but may become daily driver carb and Zenith as a backup. Rebuilt Marvel fo $200. Crummy ones on fea bay go for 80$ and rebuild kits from Renners is about 140$. Then time to clean, blast, install...I think I came out better. Still waiting for the rain to stop to test yet again settings on Zenith to prevent stop stalls.
      05-12-2019, 03:01 PM
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      Renner's Corner. The carb guys that do it right.
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      Am reviewing the info on air balancing my carb and air filter. I know it may not be needed since I have a highboy/tall K and N oiled filter. But want to try it and see if my gas mileage improves. And see what carb tweaking will be involved on the idle and low speed adjust screw on the carb. And check if any change in spark plug reads
      07-10-2019, 01:07 PM
    • old31
      Model B Carb idle mixture question
      by old31
      I have a model B carb with a bored out A intake. The carb runs good, but shouldn't the car want to die when I turn the Idle mixture in all the way?

      I have "I think" cleaned it out many times but the idle mixture, turning it all the way out or in doesn't make too much of a difference.
      08-23-2019, 09:54 AM