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WTB 11 speedo swivel

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  • WTB 11 speedo swivel

    Want to buy a speedometer swivel for a 1911 Model T. Art

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    Hi Art,
    Your chassis photos show the later front axle with the two-piece spindles. Here are the later '11 spindle arm speedo drives using brass plated cast iron Stewart swivel and cast iron wheel gear, unlike the earlier ones previously shown. Sorry for the error.
    Best regards,
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      How would I check the accuracy of the speedometer. If I’m doing 45 (speedo) and the limit is 55 nobody wants to pass me.
      09-02-2019, 03:14 PM
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      Any way to see if a speedo works out of the car? Got a good deal on one and just came in the mail today. Original '28-29...
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      Ok so I went for a short cruise as my vehicle is not DMV approved yet. The rebuilt speed does not work. It bench tested beautifully with a drill. I insert cable in speedo first and then the underside. I have rear on jackstands and it will go for a second and its like the cable jumps out. I'm assuming the speedo end. Any suggestions?
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      Henry tells me in his "Model A Instruction Book" that I should lube the speedo cable every 5,000 miles. I don't know if mine has ever been lubed but I want to do all "Henry" says. What is the most effective way to perform this vital fete?
      He also tells me that I should lube and re-calibrate the speedo itself every 10,000 miles?? Newby that needs some help!
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      Looking for advice or article on what to check first in getting it working. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
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      There is still life here. Albeit slow. Working on water outlet. Hope to have it installed this weekend.
      I took the dash out to start the wiring. It had a 30 amp ammeter but the screws on the back would spin when you tried to unfasten the wires! So I ordered a new one from Snyders. It was loose in the dash and the needle was stuck at the bottom. I emailed them and they said that they fall off...
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    • DaWizard
      Part Warning
      by DaWizard
      Since this is the second speedo cable I have purchased from Moss, I was informed they get them from Snyder's, so I am sending out this warning. The internal cable for the 28/29 is too short if you use the stock outer cable!!

      It will fit but when pushed all the way into the depth of the turtle, it is short in making it all the way into the speedo square and you need it all the way into
      09-18-2017, 09:30 PM
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      Does the cable go through the same grommet in the frame as the grounding strap and out the same location as the fuel and battery cable? Or does it go just like I have it, underneath the frame edge and anti-chatter rod?...
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    • Tom Wesenberg
      Nice Speedometer, Cable, and Gear Drive Package
      by Tom Wesenberg
      I was hoping this would have gone cheap, so I could buy it, but I don't really need it. Only a few hours left.
      04-01-2018, 05:06 PM