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    • Engine Head

      Hey I'm working on restoring my great grandfather's Model A. Long story short there's a hole in the engine head and it leaks water into the first cylinder. Tried welding it but that didn't work. Anyway we need one. I'm in Austin, Texas area. Anyone have an engine head they're up for selling?


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      Hey Jedcrone, WELCOME to the VFF!!

      Sorry to hear about the head leaking. There should be somebody around you that has something you can use.
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        Even new ones aren't that prohibitive these days. Certainly not like it would be on your modern car anyway.
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          I have a few but they would need to be checked over first so your taking a risk. Buy a new one
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            I have a new high compression head from Snyder's that I'm not going to use.
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              Now why couldn't I be offered a high compression head? *sighs*

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              Wiz we already thought you had everything

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            Maybe it's compressed enough.
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              Jedcrone, you still needing a head. Got one. email me. kenparker0703@yahoo.com


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                I got a stock head. Already painted and decked for flat. I gave a 100 for it at a swap. Probably never use it now. Let me know if you want it. I'm in Missouri.


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                  I'm running out of POWER, a "Friend" said I need MY HEAD milled!!! Also, whin I sit up on the bed, I cain't git in LOW Gear, any ideas??? Also, whin I get up, ALL my body parts don't wake up at the same time????
                  Poor KDad


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                  I have one, actually 3, good ones. Two were pulled from my motors when upgrading to high compression heads. $65 plus UPS. Kirk Ellis, Pikeville NC.