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NorthEast oval Speedometer cable

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  • NorthEast oval Speedometer cable

    I need a Speedometer cable and housing for a Northeast Oval speedometer without trip odometer for fine point judging.

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      The cable I need only worked with the NorthEast Oval speedometer without trip odometer used from December 1929-June 1930. It uses internal threads on both ends of the cable housing. Picture of cable end shows NE logo in circle. Pictures of back side of speedometer shows external threads.


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        Perhaps, if you checked the for sale areas of this site, "The Restorer" magazine, The "Model A News" magazine and a few other sites such as AACA for ads from speedometer rebuilders and gave them a call/send an email, they may be able to help you. Everyone I know who repairs Model A Ford sub-assemblies has a box/shelf/drawer for orphan parts left over from previous buys, trade-ins, or repairs. Good luck!
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          Thank you, I have checked some already with no luck.


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