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Model T Kerosene Lamp Model 540

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  • Model T Kerosene Lamp Model 540

    I know nothing about Model T light's. These came in a collection and i'm just trying to sell them off. This is a very nice kerosene lamp. On the front the lense is plain clear glass, there is a red lens on one side and a mounting stud on the other. The front cover opens and closes nice and smooth. The Wick goes up and down smoothly. The top has a FORD script on it w/ JNO.W.BROWN MFG CO Columbus OH USA If this is something you are interested in send an e-mail to [email protected] No idea if this is original to MOdel T or not. $125 plus shipping

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    Jeff the body is a rear light i have seen them with the side light clear to illuminate a tag the clear glass on a light like that should have been red, however i have never seen one like that with the mount bolt on the side.


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      Probably made by the same company that made the Model T lamp, but with the side mounting bolt I don't believe this is Model T... All the lamps I've see on Model T's had the mounting bolt on the rear...


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        Exactly do not know why the clear glass and red side light never seen one like it.


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          Possibly for the Model K. Rod
          Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.


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            1912 and earlier Ford lamps were made of brass. 1913-1915 Ford lamps were a combination of brass and steel.


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              Hi guys,

              It is a rarely seen version of the rear lamp.
              In late '23 the small red lens was turned to the rear, the mounting bolt relocated and the license plate illuminated by the big clear lens to comply with new laws.

              This lamp was also on cars that didn't have starters or demountable wheels, since starter cars had the small round electric tail lamp on the spare rim mount. Without the demountable wheel bracket, a pressed steel license plate/tail lamp bracket and this lamp was used. Kerosene side lamps were on black era non-starter cars too, as were magneto powered headlamps; no starter, no generator, no battery.

              Interestingly, NOS versions of this lamp used to show up at Denver area swap meets from time to time, often with vendors that had NOS '23 fenders and sheet metal.

              When I was 19, I purchased a set of '23-'25 NOS front fenders from one of those vendors, and much to my chagrin, they turned out to be TT front fenders without the bead that follows the splash apron.
              Lessons learned by a young brass T guy!

              All the best,

              Late 1923 Tail Lamp.jpg
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