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3 1946-1948 Mercury Trim Rings

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  • 3 1946-1948 Mercury Trim Rings

    3 really nice trim rings off 1948 Mercury. Fits 1946-1948 Mercury 16" wheels. May fit other applications. Excellent condition, no dings, dents or scrapes. Just need a good buffing for show condition. $45.00 plus actual applicable shipping to be determined based on zip code.

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    Reseat rings
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    I can't remember if I heard or read something about reseating rings in a somewhat tired engine. The use of baking soda or borax or a gentle abrasive as such would reseat the rings in a tired engine.

    What, if anything have you learned or heard over your lifetime about helping out a tired engine?
    05-13-2018, 06:00 PM
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    21" wheels without rolled rim edge
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