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1936 - 38 Ford Front Brake Drums Less than 40th wear

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  • 1936 - 38 Ford Front Brake Drums Less than 40th wear

    1936 - 38 Ford Front Brake Drums Less than 40th wear. $100 each For more information give me a call. 406-543-2591

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  • Rowdy
    Measuring Brake Drums
    by Rowdy
    I ran onto this a while back and bought one for measuring brake drums. Was tired of using a ball bearing and my micrometer (the Ron Cloat method). Although it is not a high end tool it does the job and...
    08-10-2017, 09:38 PM
  • AL in NY
    Have you "miked" you brake drums lately?
    by AL in NY
    I have been helping a club member with a brake problem on his 30 Coupe. When we got around to miking the brake drums, we were shocked on how thin they were. All the drum were steel(not cast iron). The...
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  • Bobm90
    Different Brake drum
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    I have visited this topic before about having 2 different brake drums on the front of my car. Someone said this brake drum came off a late model 1931 Model A, I have searched every resource I have to...
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  • Foxfire
    Question on cast iron brake drums
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    When were reproduction cast iron drums introduced? The key word being reproduction. I have some cast iron drums on my A but they are not as well machined as those currently available from vendors. Decades...
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    Painting Drums
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    What do you guys paint new cast iron drums with?
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  • Mitch
    Resurfacing drums info
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    I have an ammco 4000 brake lathe,
    resurfacing / truing the front drums is no problem as the 1" arbor and standard race adapters work beautiful. The issue is the rear drums as the 1" arbor...
    07-06-2017, 07:54 AM
  • William_Smith
    1936 Greyhound?
    by William_Smith
    What year is this and is it Ford? It's not a 1935 or 36, off a different manufacturer?
    10-10-2018, 06:45 PM
    Brake linings and equalizers
    by TOBKOB
    I have a couple of questions for the more knowledgeable members. What kind of equalizers do I have and what type of brake liner is best with the late 31 cast iron drums. I have used the Scandinavian...
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