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  • Add a >> button

    On a multi page thread, you click the title and it opens to post 1 page 1. Now instead of typing in page 4 of 4 or clicking the right arrow to page to the next is there a way to add a button to skip straight to the last page? On some forums have a double triangle (like fast forward on a VCR) that does it.

    Or maybe when on a multi page thread you click it it automatically brings you to the last post on the last page.

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    SS, if you look at the thread name on the main page, the last person to post(other than in comment form) is listed with a triangle thingy that when clicked on will take you to the last post.
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      Slug thanks for the feedback
      There are a few ways that will do that for you already. On the bottom of the multi page thread it shows the pages, and you can click which one.

      There is this way

      And then there is the activity button to reverse the threads newest first

      Are any of these sufficient?
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        didnt even notice that icon next to someones name haha

        I was used to my other many forums where its just next to the next page button :P