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    WHO watched the race yesterday?
    It will SURELY go down in history as "INDYS' MOST INSANE RACE"!!
    Wilder than the OLD film, where 1/2 the Indy cars lost their WHEELS, when the GREEN flag dropped!!!
    Bill Stillexcited

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    Bill bits and pieces wish nbc would rebroadcast races especially when rain delays.


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      That sure was exciting! Except the red flags. Much better racing than follow the leader. Tricky Triangle next


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        I am working on rebuilding a rear end for my car. When I went to press in the new double race into the banjo in pretty much slid in snugly until the last 1/8". I am wondering if this is a start over moment as I am now at the stage of checking the lash in the mesh of the gears and it seems like the pinion is "floating around" a little. The only way of saving this is if when the torque...
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        My question is how is the race for the roller bearing in the front end of the torque tube installed. I know there is a dimple that goes in the depressed area of the tube. However the race is larger than the diameter of the tube to obviously keep the race in place. The race has a strong spring-like construction that makes it hard to compress to install. Is there a good method of installing the...
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        I'm doing up a rear end at the moment including the wheel bearings. I've measured what I have and I'm not happy with some of the bits but it is difficult to make decisions when you don't know what the sizes should be. Can someone please post what are the sizes for the inner race (on the axle housing), the outer race (in the hub) and the diameter of the rollers please.
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        model a ford midjet race car
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        know anything about this car??
        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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        farmer fixes
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        someone tapped and installed two allen key set screws to hold in the bearing cup / race.
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        MANY blame vibrating Model A engines because of IMPROPER crankshaft re-grinding, like off center, poor indexing, crooked cranks, crooked rear surface, etc.
        QUESTION: IF, there were retired Ford Factory machinests still around, could they regrind an 80 something year old, abused crankhaft, to Henrys' "Race Car" specs & make it SUPER SMOOTH & would run 60+ MPH, for DAYS &...
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