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    Thermal Imager

    I have this thermal imager and what a difference it is to be able to detect hot / cold spots over the traditional way.... Running this across the radiator and being able to see the variances visually is night and day over what we're use to when using the old school ray guns.....
    You can easily check your home for heat or cold loss, find wall studs etc...
    I pulled a wire on the A spark plug and was easily able to detect the non firing cylinder by scanning the exhaust manifold... The traditional Ray gun was not able to because the temp differences were to close, but with the thermal imaging it nicely showed up. It can be pointed at any electrically operated device such as a fuel injector to see if it's working... Unlimited uses....
    Along with the imaging picture it also gives you the degrees.
    This works with the iphone but traditional hand held units are also available.
    With wireless connectivity to iOS® or Android™ Smartphones via Wi-Fi, FLIR ONE® Series cameras provide the best thermal infrared imagery for easy inspections.
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