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Repairs Found in the Oddest Places

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  • Repairs Found in the Oddest Places

    The 1950 Studebaker Land Cruiser I just drove home had a bad gas leak, which I was sure was the filler hose. I removed it yesterday, and it had a 1" crack. The hose is 6" long with a slight bend in the middle. If I buy it from a Studebaker parts house, it will cost $32 minimum. If I buy straight fuel hose from a local auto parts store, it will cost $30. I saw this Seadoo fuel filler hose on ebay, so I asked the seller for dimensions, and was told it's 2" ID x 13" long. This should be perfect to cut in half and have 2 correct filler hoses for a total cost of $8.75 delivered to my door.

    Gas Filler Hose 1950.jpgGas Filler Hose Seadoo.jpg

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    Filler hose is always big $ Recently I needed a long piece for a modern it was around 100
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      Yes, I sure don't see why a simple hose should cost so much.
      My neighbor recently bought a very short hose for his Ford diesel PU that connects the air out of the turbo to the intake, and it was $100.


      • Terry, NJ
        Terry, NJ commented
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        When they tell me that, or anything close to that, I let the greedy bast**ds restock the item.

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      Tom, did you have to drop the tank to get it off ?


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        Yes, I had to lower the tank a couple inches. If the inner hose clamp had been turned the right way the tank wouldn't have needed to be lowered.


        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          Don’t you just love it when that happens. They never think of the tech when a car gets assembled