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  • Is This A Man Cave?

    My friend up north has his new garage just about done, and what a nice thing it is. The hand rail came from a mansion in Minneapolis that was being remodeled into condo's. The ceiling is tall enough to stack cars if he had some heavy duty racks. LOL
    The little yellow car on stands is a 1/2 scale Model T rebuilt into a baby Stutz Bearcat. I think Charlie would sell it.

    The lower level has a bathroom and a brew room for his son to make homemade beer. The stairs lead up to two large guests bedrooms and a sitting area where he can look out the doors at the deer and other wildlife. The deck hasn't been built yet, but that's what the sliding doors are for.

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    *shudders* Whew, sure looks like one to me.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


    • Mitch
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      WOW that"s real nice more like a man CASTLE

      BudP here on the VFF has a similar shaped garage that he built which is also beautiful. i was going to take off my shoes before entering. I have some pics but maybe he will post them

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    'Up North' Minnesota.....just how does he heat that 'arena ' ??


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      Originally posted by JB-OB View Post
      'Up North' Minnesota.....just how does he heat that 'arena ' ??
      He has propane heat and also a wood stove. He has at least 80 acres and is next to government land, so he has all the firewood he needs. I recall Charlie saying he'd keep the garage about 50* during the winter, which would feel real nice after stepping in from outside. He'll turn up the heat while working in the garage.


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        A REAL CAVE is usually the SAME temp, year around, NO UTILITY BILLS!!!
        Dad Dreamer


        • DaWizard
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          Usually around 72°

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        Remember "FLEETFOOT THE CAVE BOY"? A quick book to read, when you were pressed for ANOTHER Book Report!
        Bill Schoolboy


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