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  • Doomsday Scenerio.........

    How many have seen the movie "On the Beach". If you need a reminder or have not seen it, run a movie search and get the plot, read about the character Osborne play by Fred's a spoiler alert:

    Osborn wins the Australian Grand Prix in which many racers, with nothing left to lose, die in various accidents. Dwight and Moira embark on a weekend fishing trip in the country. Retreating to the resort for the night, they share a romantic interlude inside their room as, outside, a gathering storm howls. Returning to Melbourne, Towers learns one of his crew has developed radiation sickness; the deadly radiation has arrived in Melbourne.

    Osborn kills himself by carbon monoxide poisoning in his closed garage,

    Now when this happens:

    I will join Sarah in the garage and go down in a cloud of carbon monoxide too.


    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"

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