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    Just want to comment on VFF. This site is the closest thing i have to being in a club. I just done a Google search and Whitby Ontario is closest to me , Only 3090 kilometres , without VFF and great members this hobby for me would probably be non-existent . thanks guys

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    Canadian, how many Model A's on that huge beautiful island ? You could start your own club and have them come to you "or" just relax and enjoy this site, eh !!
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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      would only be a estimate but maybe less than 12 , probably more like 6. population of 530,000 but spread over large area. I think I am going to relax and enjoy this site . only thing here in the 1900 was boats and fish. still lots of boats, some fish , and plenty of under ocean Oil. we are kind of the poor second cousins to Canada , EH.. is a upper Canada chant we just kind of grunt and swear a lot ... LOL .


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        This is my Model A Club too.!!!!
        Twiss Collector Car Parts


        • canadian
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          Best of all.. meetings are held everyday.

        • JDupuis
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          You got that right!

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        Originally posted by canadian View Post
        EH.. is a upper Canada chant we just kind of grunt and swear a lot ... LOL .

        sounds like Alaska.

        Part of the enjoyment of the Model A is the friendships we make along the way. It’s a unique hobby we share. Without the guidance of my fellow club members I could never have worked my way through some issues I had.
        This site is also a good group of guys who will literally walk you through about an mechanical issue. The knowledge Model A guys have in their heads is mind blowing. I would try to hook up with a few other owners if you get the opertunity. It’s fun to be around others who are so passionate about these fun cars.
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          Curly. have you ever heard of a man named "Loren Smith" he said he restored a couple Model A's that were sent to Anchorage ? Pat
          Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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            First Club meeting..
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            Man I feel young..but a room full of knowledge....
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          • Tom Wesenberg
            Where Does Your Model A Club Hold It's Meetings?
            by Tom Wesenberg
            Our club meets from 7 to 9 in the cafeteria of the local high school. We don't meet during the summer months when school is out, so we hold 9 meetings. For this we pay the school $1040, but next year they will charge us $2700. This is way out of line IMHO.

            I've always thought the club should buy their own meeting place, but have never looked into the cost of that.
            08-04-2018, 10:42 AM
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            Why this new forum?
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            Didn't know this forum existed and found it quite by accident so I joined to see what it's all about. I've been a member on the barn for almost four years with some 325 posts so I'm not a newbee. My handle there is Lona.

            ​​​​​​Seems like a shame to have two forums on the same subject. While I've read many very generalized comments on why this new site was formed, it seems...
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            Monthly Meeting
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            I spent the majority of this afternoon and evening making the 140 mile round trip to the monthly meeting of the Superior A's. 34 members and 18 Lady A's attended. During the new business session I introduced the club to the Vintage Ford Forum. I explained the amount of help that I have received and the abundance of people who are more than happy to share their knowledge. After the meeting I was approached...
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            My web site
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            I have updated several pages on my web site. Anyone interested is invited to have a look.
            09-06-2018, 03:19 PM
          • richsfords
            club banners
            by richsfords
            Any vendors or outlet that will make 2'x2' (approx) cover with supplied club logo for spare tires "antique cars ahead" etc.
            NC club wants to tour with these for PR and ID. any ideas would be appreciated.
            Richard in New Bern...
            12-27-2017, 01:50 PM
          • BNCHIEF
            What I did today
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            Today I attended a model t ford clinic, where we discussed the kc warford transmissions and others as well as various brakes etc. We had about 150 folks here and to my surprise quite a few younger folks as well. They got to talking about tours and how to get other clubs involved when the opportunity presented itself I promoted the vff I told them about how this forum is set up many talked about...
            01-27-2018, 07:10 PM
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            Where is your clubs big tour this season?
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            Our Alaskan A’s just returned from a week long trip to Kodiak, Alaska. We had about 20 vintage cars half were Model A’s. The ferry ride was a nine hour ferry each way. The cars were enclosed in the belly of the ship the whole way.
            The folks in Kodiak were so appreciative and they really rolled out the red carpet for us. One member lost a main bearing on the way but his son had him another...
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