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When it's not broke, don't fix it!!!!!!!!!!

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  • When it's not broke, don't fix it!!!!!!!!!!

    I knew and so many others knew this would eventually happen and now that it's broke, there is NO-ONE that knows now how to put it back the way it was!!!!! Those that do are now long gone!!! Rant over.............
    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"

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    Yeah I remember back when we were being trained to be kinder and gentler and ask them how they feel about something, BS I already knew how they felt, because i told them how they felt. The military is not a social experiment and idiots that think it is should take the point, problem will soon be solved.


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      no room in the foxhole for divergent ideas..


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        The only thing that has changed is the tools. The men and women as soldiers have not. They still must act as they have in the past. ""There are a lot of folks that say 'we need to go back to the drill and ceremony because we have lost a lot of the discipline aspect of what it means to be a United States Army soldier,'" Frost said." He has that right! it is called basic training for a reason.


        • Grit Kid
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          Too many trainers and leaders walk on tip toes and watch their backs today, no different than our police force. The military has changed, society has changed, the world has changed.
          One can not fire a substandard worker without locking their door after the fired worker leaves. Lawsuits based on racism, sexism, bigotry but never on the bases of being a substandard worker, soldier or just the lack of common sense or decency. I'm only talking about this country, seems we have a big problem today. I didn't nor still don't see that problem in other countries, especially the ones hell bent on destroying my country. We have become a country of appeasement.

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