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  • Snowing Today

    Should I go out, fire up the wood stove in the barn and work on the car?

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    Nothing better to do go for it.


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      that's all I needed.


      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
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        Give it hell, we need more pics

      • dmdeaton
        dmdeaton commented
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        I thought I was boring you all with the teardown pics. Going to tackle body to frame bolts today. I dropped short block off yesterday at Ron's Machine. Might take a while, he is loaded down.

      • BNCHIEF
        BNCHIEF commented
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        Not at all.

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      Speaking of snowing.............all I have to do is shovel the driveway nice and clean, and it will snow within 24 hours.
      It worked every time last year, and the same thing goes for this year.

      Wish I had a barn and wood stove to work around. Just be careful, as my friend lost his garage and 28 Fordor from his wood stove.


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        Kind of like needing rain. Just take your car out and wash it.


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          Getting there...
          Picked up some oxy and acc tanks today, I have a new set of hoses and gauges. Have sand blaster, paint sprayer etc.
          Contacted a paver to asphalt the barn floor which is dirt at the moment. Once insulated I will have to decide on what type of heat I want. Right now I am leaning toward wood stove. I have lots and lots of hard wood on my property.

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