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Speaking of Engine Vibration

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  • Speaking of Engine Vibration

    Last night I was watching a program about WWII dog fights where the Flying Tigers with P-40's went into combat against the Jap Zeros. The guy talking was a Flying Tiger pilot and took out some Zeros, I think it was 5, but he also took some heavy machine gun fire from them. All of a sudden his engine had a bad vibration and he had to return to base. After landing, he found some machine gun bullets had embedded into his propeller, causing the unbalance.
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    I've thought several times about shooting the engine in my roadster. Any Spitfires or Zeros still flying?
    Mechanical engineering 101: If you put an adjustment knob, screw, bolt, or tolerance specs on something, some people will immediately fiddle with it. If you mark it DO NOT TOUCH everyone will mess with it.


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      Yes Mike there still are.

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    Mike, I meant to say Flying Tigers with P-40's, and I corrected it.
    I don't know how many P-40's are left flying, but according to Google, there are only 35 Spitfires left flying.
    A friend of mine in Michigan rode in one for $200 for a 15 minute ride. He said it was quite a thrill.


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