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Bidding Against a Shill

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  • Bidding Against a Shill

    I'd bet shill bidding happened with this auction. Normally I never place a bid until only a few seconds are left in the auction, but for this one I bid about 7 hours before the end. Then it looks like a shill started placing bids to see what my top bid was, then quit. With a feedback of one, then using the smallest increment for bids, they wanted to see how high my bid was. I still bought it by upping my bid with 7 seconds left, but it looks like a shill bidder, and that's why I wait for the last few seconds to bid.

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    Still looks like a good deal. Congrats Tom. Jeff
    Twiss Collector Car Parts


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      The last few years there have been many bidders that will place an opening bid then re-bid within seconds of the first bid, sometimes repeating the process for several bids. When I run across that, if its something I wouldn't mind owning, I'll bid them up.


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