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Sure Wish I Had Some Solder To Sell

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  • Sure Wish I Had Some Solder To Sell

    Have people lost all sense of reason?

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    I have a couple of spools like that back in MN!
    You cant buy real lead solder anymore that I’m aware of...
    Looks like I’ll be offering them up on eBay..
    Regards - Randy
    Randy's Rod Shop
    1933 Ford Tudor "Bugsy"


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      That's not cheap. Whoa.... Jeff
      Twiss Collector Car Parts


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        The "water" refers to the placenta; when a pregnant woman's "water breaks", it is harvested and added to the mix, which is rolled out on the lily-white thighs of virgins who have never exposed their thighs to direct sunlight; hence the "white" in the name. Rosin, as you probably know, is a by-product of heating up resins from pine trees. Only the finest and hardiest pines, over 1000 years old, are used to source the resin used to produce the rosin in this solder. Add to that the elaborate ceremonies performed at each stage of production, and the careful timing to ensure that each step occurs at the astrologically optimal time, and at only 2-3 times the price of ordinary solder, it's a real bargain!


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          Do a search, that's not out of line for what the stuff sells/sold for. Why, I don't know. Get it here and flip it.
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            Originally posted by Mike V. Florida View Post
            Do a search, that's not out of line for what the stuff sells/sold for. Why, I don't know. Get it here and flip it.
            This guy has over 4 pounds for $70 or offer, while the guy I listed sold 5 pounds on ebay for $810 plus shipping.


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