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  • Ford Tri-Motor.........

    I want to see one up close and personal before I die. If anyone knows of one flying in to the St Louis area, please let me know.

    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"

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    There is one in the airport museum at the Blaine airport, just north of Minneapolis. For rides on one, I'd Google "Ford Trimotor", and see if a schedule comes up.
    It's definitely a ride worth taking, even if you have to drive a ways to do it. My neighbor bought me a copilot's seat for doing some repairs on his pickup. I should have asked the pilot if I could take over the controls for a minute, since both sides are connected together.

    Trimotor and 1929 Tudor.jpgTom in Trimotor.jpg


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      Rockford, Illinois June 21-14, 2018
      Here's a link to the schedule.


      • Grit Kid
        Grit Kid commented
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        Thanks Tom, I did do a search and Rockford Ill is the closet those rides come to me. I'll continue to search for any times closer to my location. I've found your area and Mike's in Florida is the predominant area for tours.

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      Here is my car a few years ago;
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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        Looks like a collection of SKINNY Motorcycle Engines, but with NO coolant leaks or thermostat problems--LOL
        "Looks" like they used siding from a LOOOOONG Motor Home--

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      Originally posted by Mike V. Florida View Post
      Here is my car a few years ago;
      I want the experience like you did because the Tri-Motor got it fame during the 30s and will always be associated with that era.
      "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


      • Mike V. Florida
        Mike V. Florida commented
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        Using the site Mitch posted I saw that the Tri-motor was going to be within an hours ride from me and it was there on my day off. I drove my A down to the airport and went up to the desk to book my ride only to be told it was too windy for rides that day. I told them I had an A and showed them a picture. I asked if I could take pictures of my car with the plane. They were not quick to answer so I added: "Of course I'm willing to make a 25.00 donation to your chapter for your trouble." After a quick yes I was on the tarmac and taking pictures.

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      Bill those are small radial motors, the R-4360 is a monster, 4 rows of 9 clylinders, a plumbing nightmare!


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        Luckily the tooling to produce the corrugated panels still exists, and was used in the restoration of the Tri Motor in the Blaine Airport.
        This Blaine Airport museum also has a flying car on display. I think it was built in the mid 50's, and is one of only a few built.


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