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World's Largest Pipe Organ Compared to Vintage Auto

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  • World's Largest Pipe Organ Compared to Vintage Auto

    Yesterday I heard that the world's largest pipe organ has over 33,000 pipes, and this sounded so unreal that I had to Google it. Here's one of many short U tube videos you can watch. I know nothing about playing any musical instrument, and couldn't sing as well as a constipated cow, but this has to be something to hear in person. This one is in the U.S., but the only large pipe organ I've heard in person was when my dad and I toured Germany in 1987 and heard some fantastic pipe organs in the many beautiful cathedrals that Germany has.

    I found it interesting how the man compared this organ to a vintage automobile.

    The world's largest pipe organ, located at Boardwalk Hall, in Atlantic City, NJ, will be played during the Miss America Pageant after being silent for over 4...

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    Any of you old timers remember E. Power Biggs? I never heard him in person, but his recordings of classical music on the pipe organ will send chills down your spine! He was born in 1906 and died in 1977.


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      I can only imagine the leg muscles it must take, to get that instrument fired up! Jeff
      Twiss Collector Car Parts


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