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  • What Do You Call This Stuff?

    I drain oil into a metal hog pan, and the oil hits the metal and splatters all over the place. In the 70's I found some stuff to lay in the pan to keep the hot oil from splattering, and the drain plug can lay on top of the mesh, so you don't have to go fishing in a pan of hot oil for it. If you took bailing twine and pulled it apart into a bundle of fine threads then sprayed it with a greenish rubber coating, that is what this stuff resembles. I found a piece about 1 1/2" thick and 2 feet square, and cut out a piece to lay in the hog pan years ago. This stuff would make a good head pad for a creeper, or a seat and backrest for someone wanting a thinner seat in the Model A pickup. I want a piece to put on the bottom of my laptop, so when I have it on my lap, the cooling holes aren't blocked off.

    I don't know where to find this stuff, and I don't know what it's called. Any ideas? Thanks

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    We use these Lisle 38750 anti splatter pads in our oil drains. It also helps filter the oil for the waste oil heater tank.

    Lisle 38750 No Splatter Pad

    What is a Hog Pan? I never heard that term
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      Hey Mitch, that looks like a scouring pad.
      They use big pads like that for buffing floors.
      Tom: check out your local high school, hospital, public buildings...... They throw the old ones out all the time. That should be a good splatter shield. Jeff
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        A hog pan is a galvanized metal pan about 18" diameter and about 5" high. Most farm stores and many hardware stores would have them.


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        I use the bottom half of an old, long dead shop vacuum. It has four casters, not too high, and I can get the hot oil out from under without splashing or spilling it all over the asphalt.


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