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    This tow truck driver is really lucky. There sure are a lot of stupid drivers that shouldn't have a car or license.

    I watch the police channel show called "Most Shocking", and they show a lot of this stuff.
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    Wow! Shows how dangerous it is out there on the road. Vehicles whizzing by within mere feet. Doesn’t anyone slow down / move over when they see flashing lights?


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      We have a highway near the shop. I will not send my tow truck driver up there to get anyone. People are to busy texting and driving, or just can't drive period.
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        Holy crap. Jeff
        Twiss Collector Car Parts


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          Driverless cars might be a good thing for some of the folks out there. That's how they were driving on Thursday night Tom !! Sure glad I only have to visit the TC's once in a while now. Pat
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            This is why you see a BIG firetruck parked before the wreck and the ambulance. It's called a BLOCK. This is why if you aren't needed you should NOT be there at a wreck. Move-on! They don't even stop drunks from driving!
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              If you're ever having a bad day and need a good laugh, take some time to see these trucks crashing into the infamous 11 foot 8 bridge. Talk about clueless drivers!


              • Mitch
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                Great video Jeff

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