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Fuel Pump Diaphram Material?

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  • Fuel Pump Diaphram Material?

    Has anyone tried this material?

    I emailed the seller and asked: "is this material OK to use with ethanol crap gas?"
    His reply was: "it should be"
    In other words he doesn't know, or is covering up that he knows it won't work.

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    We know that neophrene gaskets don't work in our model A gas gauges. I don't know about this polyester reinforced material.


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      I would recommend nylon reinforced buna-n / nitrile rubber for fuel pump diaphragms.


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        Hey Renner, WELCOME to the VFF you lurker!!

        Glad to have your input.
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          Originally posted by RENNER’S CORNER View Post
          I would recommend nylon reinforced buna-n / nitrile rubber for fuel pump diaphragms.
          Yes, I haven't tried this stuff yet, but I have a feeling it won't stand up to corn crap gas.


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            That sheet will become a gooey meltdown mess.
            Here's one look at materials compatibility with ethanol (A.K.A. ) and gasoline.
            E-10 Resistance.jpg

            "Kalrez," is the clear winner here, is a DuPont name for perfluoroelastomer (FFKM). The stuff is made in sheets.
            If you can find it reinforced with Kevlar (again, a DuPont name for para-aramid fiber) you will have a winner!
            I need a sheet of this for my B pumps!!

            Also of interest on this chart is "Viton," that wonderful (Ha!) stuff on many needle valves.
            Not too good with ethanol!
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              I guess I'll have to keep using my rotary vane pump, with no rubber parts, to be sure of a reliable pump.


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                I never had a problem with Viton failure using ethanol.
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                • MikeK
                  MikeK commented
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                  The Viton (there are several grades) doesn't exactly melt and fail. With regular use, OK. Many grades plasticize over time with hydroxyl infiltration. This will cause it to 'stick' shut when parked for weeks in a system with less than one psi gravity pressure attempting to unseat it.

                • Mitch
                  Mitch commented
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                  Maybe the viton used on these needles are a top grade, because my cars sit for months at a time. Never had a sealing issue, and I also use them in all my rebuilds for others.
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