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  • Starter Brushes What a Joke

    Here is a pair of totally worn out starter brushes on ebay that the seller wants $19 with shipping.
    A set of four EX-80 can easily be made to fit, and a new set of 4 on ebay is just over $6 delivered. EX-19 might also work.
    If you get into a bind for hard to find brushes, visit your local starter/generator shop and see if something isn't close enough to work. A little filing or cutting a notch might be required, but that's easy to do. Generator carbon brushes can easily be modified with a file or sandpaper.

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    Necessity is the mother of all invention.
    Last year spent the better part of a day searching little NOS boxes of brushes trying to find enough to rebuild my father -in-laws starter for his tractor. We went all over searching. Till we ended up, at a dealer friend of mine who buys out job lots of old inventory. Jeff
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