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  • Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I knew just how intense and confining this winter is turning out, I would not have looked forward to it and a rest........."In like a lamb, out like a lion"...and I think this weather will live up to it. Heating bill I expect to be the highest I've ever paid and I live cool too. I can get by comfortable at 65 degrees daytime and 55 degrees at night and the boiler is struggling to keep that temps. A lot of it has to do with the constant wind. It's bringing flashbacks too.....I use to soldier in this kind of weather and it was nothing, shows how damn old I'm getting. Life sucks!!!!!

    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"

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    I hear you AGWR! Extreme temp changes this week caused a flooded portion of my basement. Freeze, extreme thaw with lots of rain and now frozen again. I'm drying the carpet as I type (multi-tasking). Stay warm, and dry! Jeff
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      I would give a call out "to all your lady friends" and have them show up at the same time. I think that would warm you up a tad !! -21 here in Minnesota, this morning, with a slight breeze. Sun is putting off some heat now, so the furnace doesn't run constantly during the day.
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        Originally posted by pAAt View Post
        I would give a call out "to all your lady friends" and have them show up at the same time. I think that would warm you up a tad !! -21 here in Minnesota, this morning, with a slight breeze. Sun is putting off some heat now, so the furnace doesn't run constantly during the day.
        I wish that was so but they aren't venturing out in this either. The temp forecast for this Monday is ....-20. Brrrrrrrr
        "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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          Perhaps some perspective on the cold is in order:

          20 above zero: Minnesotans throw on a flannel shirt.

          15 above zero: People in Minnesota have one last cookout before it gets cold.

          Zero: Minnesotans close the windows.

          25 below zero: Girl Scouts in Minnesota still selling cookies door to door.

          100 below zero: Minnesotans get upset because the Mini-Van won’t start.

          460 below zero: ALL atomic motion stops (absolute zero on the Kelvin scale). People in Minnesota can be heard to say, “Cold ’nuff fer ya?”

          500 below zero: Hell freezes over. Minnesota public schools open 2 hours late


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            Snowing now and sticking fast............ Expecting 1-2 inches between now and tomorrow. Very disappointing to have to back out from all I had planned to celebrate MLK Day!!!!! A real bummer!!!!
            "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


            • DaWizard
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              Is tomorrow a holiday? Since I retired, I don't look for them since everyday is a holiday. There are a couple days that interrupt my plans when businesses are closed. I suppose those qualify as holidays.

              BTW, it is once again, for the second day in a row, 80º here with a light breeze.

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            No matter how long I stick with it, that sunshine keeps piling up here in AZ with lots more on the way... I better get back to shoveling it.....
            I really do feel for all you folks trapped in that rotten stuff.... Being a semi-retired snowbird has its advantages...
            Regards - Randy
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              We are so lucky we have global warming...or it would be even colder. Ha HA.
              Just think of the situation in Stalingrad WW2, what a mess. The Russians were used to the cold....Hard to believe that any human can withstand such cold. The Russians a tough. I had two russia guys deliver my non running antique car and they pushed it up my steep 200 foot driveway. They said, you sit in there and steer. Boy they were strong.


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                "We are so lucky we have global warming...or it would be even colder. Ha HA."

                You are right.........I remember in the 80's when it got to -32*, and never got above 0 for 3 weeks.
                Lately it's only been down to -22* but seems to last a bit longer.
                In 1975 I was in northern Minnesota with the snowmobile club, and it was -55* and very strong winds making the wind chill below -100*. Guys had the rear of the snowmobiles tied to tree limbs to get the track off the ground, and still they were burning drive belts trying to make the track turn. I never want to be that cold again.
                The owner of the cabins had to keep dumping hot water on the propane tanks so the propane would have pressure to reach the cabins.


                • Big hammer
                  Big hammer commented
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                  Now thats cold! Propane would not turn to a gas !

                • BILL WILLIAMSON
                  BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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                  Any reports of FROSTBITE? NOT being smart assed, just concerned. I can't even imagine dealing with such COLD. I'm blessed to be able to live here!

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                Planetary warming can be a good thing, that is why we construct greenhouses. It is interesting that the polar ice caps on Mars have been melting too. Shows the problem is not earth based but something to do with our Sun. Few people realize that many stars are variable, our Sun happens to be one also. Just as long as its output does not fluctuate too much.


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                  More like it should be.....sun is bright and warm and the heat is off, windows and doors are open for warm fresh air.
                  "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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                    8° this morning on the way to church
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                      I slept with the window still open last night, that warm. NICE!!!!!!
                      "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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                        8" of global warming fell on us today, so tomorrow I get to move it off the driveway. LOL


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                          In Old Cold single wall houses, in Oklahoma, we slept ON a feather mattress & under another one, with quilts on top of that, to keep warm! BOY, were those sheets COLD, when you first got in!!! We'd sleep with our heads UNDER the covers, 'til we got WARM, or until someone FARTED
                          Oklahoma is quite far South, but when those COLD "ARTIC CLIPPERS" come down from the North, it gets MISERABLE!!!! And sometimes it SNOWS or we'd have ICE STORMS!!!
                          Dad Comfy


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