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    It has been talked about on here and the "other place" is head and leg room. I was reading about a restoration of a 32 Coupe hot rod. There was a comment about the top not being chopped. That got me to thinking about the old hot rods that were chopped and channeled. The guys that built them either did not drive them much or they were smaller and more limber than me. Of course they were not over 65 and overweight. The coupe being rebuilt did not look like it had a lot of headroom originally, I just cannot imagine a 4 inch chop. The seats would have to be lowered somehow or neck / backache. Thoughts anyone?

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    I've never thought a chopped top looked good nor made any sense. Why someone would enjoy being cramped is beyond me.


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      Originally posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
      I've never thought a chopped top looked good nor made any sense. Why someone would enjoy being cramped is beyond me.
      It makes the driver .....I guess.
      "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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        I have thought about renewing the top sealant on my 29 business coupe, but given that it is only a single thickness of fabric, I am concerned about the chemical odor permeating the interior of the car and making it unpleasant or even unhealthy. Can anyone advise me what they have used on older sport coupe and business coupe tops, and has odor been a problem?
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        Now, when I was younger, my first A was a '30 Sport Coupe, but all I really remember about it was it had some vinyl seat cover material for a roof.

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        Again I'm new at this game and haven't seen much, but this situation does not seem right. Give me your input please.
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        I am the second owner of my 29 Tudor, which I bought in 1961. The item pictured was attached to the molding on the front windows, one on each side. The tab is about 1-1/8”; the roller part stands up at about 1”.

        Over the ensuing years, I lost one, but still have this one. I removed both some time in the distant past. I have never seen any others on any Model A’s, so I suspect it...
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