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Lumens or Candlepower for Light Output

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  • Lumens or Candlepower for Light Output

    Here is a link to one of several sources explaining how to compare lumens to candlepower.
    I just bought some LED bulbs with 25 lumens and wanted to see how it compares to the 2 candlepower of my standard #55 six volt instrument bulb.
    Looks like the light output will be the same, so all I gain is longer bulb life and much less power to run it.

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    Thanks for posting this Tom. I get confused as all get out now when I go to the hardware store to buy household bulbs.
    They add new names to this simple product. Then increase the price ten fold. Oh well. Jeff
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      Sorry ... didn't realize this has been heavily...
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      Afternoon and Happy New Year ...

      As I said in the title - I am getting ready to replace all the 6v bulbs in my 31 Tudor .. map light and all ... was trying to find a list of the part #s for each bulb so I can order new ones ... looking to keep it as original as I can ... thought someone might have this info here ....

      Thanks again

      01-01-2022, 03:25 PM