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Engine Starts and Idles Fine, but Won't Rev Up

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    I spent hours dicking with my old John Deere trimmer, clean carb, plug, fresh fuel, blistered fingers from pulling ect.....
    Gave it to my neighbour. He went on-line. It was recommended to clean the exhaust. He cleaned the exhaust. Now it works like a charm. Wish I'd known that, otherwise, I wouldn't have given it away. Lesson learned for me. Jeff


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      Hey Tom , may be a shot in the dark but does your Echo have some sort of governor for when power/load is applied to engine? I had a little issue with a 2 stroke disposal weed wacker.. Had a small miniature vane or flap that opened during operation and allowed air threw a port to allow engine to peak RPM, was a part of pull cord assembly , also seen it on a 2 stroke lawn mower.


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        No governor on the blower, but I do have some good news. I put gas in the $25 Echo I bought the other day, and today it's running full speed when I pull the throttle. No idea why it would only idle the other day, and I haven't done a thing to it. At least now I have one to use and didn't have to dig out my big backpack blower.
        My original Echo is still only running at idle though, so the mystery continues.


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          Yesterday I used the $25 blower for 40 minutes to blow off my driveway and car, then let it idle as I walked back to the house, then pulled the throttle, and once again it will only idle. So, the mystery continues.


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            Have you tried this??
            found on a google search

            A couple of things i'd check is, make sure your exhaust is free and clear of carbon build up....pull your muffler off the engine and check exhaust ports if carboned up....clean them out with a small screw driver and some spray carb cleaner is what i use and also clean or replace the spark arrester if it has one i use a small torch to burn the old carbon off..can use chemical to clean arrester's but it takes a lot of time ....make sure not to scratch cylinder wall or piston while cleaning....
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              Makes you kinda wonder if something has not built a nest in the muffler mud-dobber, my son had a new lstihl blower and it acted like that, the local guy here is real good, he called me and told me his dealer in denver told him the carb was bad and needed a new carb mind you it had only been used an hour or two, I told him bull bring it home when you get here. Since my wife bought it here and bought the sixpack of oil at the time they extended the warranty on it to five years no labor anytime on anything. T told thad about the carb deal he just shook his head and said I have never replaced a carburetor on one of these yet the muffler is not the problem. He readjusted the settings changed the air filter and plug. Been working fine ever since. No charge.

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            Check the head bolts. I’ve had them start and run a bit when cold, but no start when hot. Went to pull the cylinder head and found that the bolts were just finger tight. Pulled the head off the rest of the way, cleaned the carbon out of the head and piston, cleaned up the head gasket and put hylomar on it, reinstalled the head and it’s been a champ ever since. This is on a 2 stroke weedwacker.
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              Last night I installed the new carb, and today I tried it out. Not a bit of change, so the next thing to try is remove the plastic shroud and muffler.


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                Well, most of the mystery is likely solved. I removed the muffler, and it does look quite blocked by carbon. The exhaust post is wide open. I expected to see a muffler built like most with a couple baffles full of 1/8" holes, but this one has layers of very fine screen. The screen looks as fine as the gas sediment bulb screen. I'll stick it in a glass container and spray some oven cleaner on it.

                The mystery is that the problem came on so suddenly, then ran good for 40 minutes, then came back again all of a sudden.