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Funny but Sad End to a Car

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  • Funny but Sad End to a Car

    When I was in the 7th grade I had my dad's old 1950 Champion, with no body, as my field car to drive around the back 40. One day I removed the head to paint it silver, then reinstalled it. I didn't know anything about torque wrenches or the need to buy a new head gasket, but still everything worked fine after I put it together again. My classmate had a 52 Pontiac straight 8 for his field car, so he figured he'd do the same thing. When I went to his house he had the hood open on his Pontiac, and there was a large dent in the hood, and a hole through the side of the barn. I asked him what happened, and he said he didn't know the plug wires had to be in a certain order. Well, he had one cylinder firing when the piston was part way up, and the explosion blew the top of the piston into the oil pan and blew the oil fill cap off with enough force to ricochet off the hood and go through the barn wall. That was the sad end of his field car.

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    I was once welding an oil pan on the car when i was starting out. The crankcase vapors ignited and blew the valve covers off a chevy 5.7.
    I then changed my depends
    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
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      Larry had a NO START Datsun, points had closed up. Without turning OFF they key, when he pulled the distributor out of the block, it created a spark & blew out chunks of the pan & valve over gasket!!!
      Dad Workingnexttohim

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