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Pray for Paris.................

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  • Pray for Paris.................

    Be patient and watch............
    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"

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      Well done!

      This guy is good. He makes my “got your nose” trick look lame!
      Twiss Collector Car Parts


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        Wouldn't wanna play poker against him!


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        • Curly
          Pocket watches and Model A’s
          by Curly
          I stopped at an Antique Shop in Anchorage yesterday and found a couple interesting pocket watches from the Model A era. If you have a pocket watch you want to learn more about go to— “Pocket
          Watch Database”. Type in the serial number and you’ll get the history on your specific watch. PM me the SN# if it gives you trouble and I’ll run it.

          Waltham pocket watches...
          10-27-2019, 02:26 PM
        • Jeff/Illinois
          Mecum Auction Houston
          by Jeff/Illinois
          It IS nicer to watch live on the Internet vs. NBCHD TV. On TV they sell three cars and then cut to 8 minutes of commercials. Redundant ever repeating commercials. Not so with Watch Live. Commercial free.Plus there isn't all the bidder drama that the TV shows you, they don't have them displayed on TV. And the auctioneer is more pro-active on Watch Live. It's more about the car. Makes it more interesting....
          04-06-2018, 02:55 PM
        • CarlG
          For Tom Wessenberg
          by CarlG
          1929 Studebaker House Car

          11-02-2017, 01:44 PM
        • Beauford
          by Beauford
          Great new American Pickers episode last night. I'm sure some of you older guys will know the mans estate they are picking for Model A's....
          01-30-2018, 06:33 AM
        • pooch
          180 degree look around video soon.
          by pooch
          Have a weekend run coming up in 8 days.

          Am fitting a samsung gear 360 cam to the cowl fuel cap of my hiboy to take look around motion vids.

          If any of you have a VR headset / smartphone , it should be a bit of fun.

          Watch this space in a couple of weeks.
          09-19-2018, 05:38 PM
        • Mitch
          29 Tudor interior install
          by Mitch
          This came in for a complete interior install. Fortunately when I first talked to the owner about where to purchase, I highly recommended Upholstery Mike to buy the kit. He was going to go with LB, YIKES.. It came well packaged and organized as expected. The owner ripped out the insides because it stunk so bad. I'll try to document the install as I go along, but it won't be a step by step. He drove...
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        • Standing Elk
          Just takin it easy today
          by Standing Elk
          Just a couple older gentlemen taking it easy waiting for warmer weather to come to the mountains of north Idaho....
          03-31-2018, 02:12 PM
        • Mark Maron
          How would you like to come home to this!!!
          by Mark Maron
          BAHAHAHAHAHA nothing like coming home and finding Tom at your house rebuilding your tranny, and other things on your car and your house also. ALWAYS a please to have him at any time.....Thanks for all you do Tom!!
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          09-18-2018, 05:05 PM