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How to Identify Original Equipment Parts

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  • How to Identify Original Equipment Parts

    I guess there's no question when it says so right on the part. My old bike tire has had a slow leak for a few months, so I finally changed the inner tube, and was surprised to read the label. What's pictured is the only markings on the tube. I've never seen anything like this before.

    BTW, the slow leak was from a fold when someone installed the inner tube years ago.

    Original Equipment.JPG

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    After Pat lost communication skills, during her Dementia, we would buy something, she looked on the bottom of it & would LAFF at the little GOLD, "made in China" sticker----Her communication skills went away QUICKLY.
    Dad Sad


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    Well CRAP, didn't post all my eloquent words!!

    Ok, try this again!

    Ok boys and girls, I finished removing the starter and stuck my flexible magnet down the hole to see what would jump out at me, and this is what I found.

    In all my years of experience, a search of my internal hard drive has come up empty, so I am putting the question out to the
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