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YA!!! Right!!! Give me a break!!!!!!!!!

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    YA!!! Right!!! Give me a break!!!!!!!!!

    Where's the mermite cans and the mess gear, I don't remember a Christmas dinner like that and, I only remember Santa visiting on my first tour and I had to save his fat arse because the idiot came in over the perimeter with his lights flashing and bells ringing. Ole Charlie shot his arse down and I had to crawl through the bullets and mortars out to his sled, throw his arse over my shoulder and run like hell back to the perimeter and when I found out he left his bag full of babes for us back at the sleigh, I ran back, grab the bag and ran back dodging a hail of gunfire only to find out the bag was full of cans of powdered eggs and Spam. On my second tour he never showed because he heard I was back again and he knew I would have shot his sorry arse down that time myself and I would have too.......
    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"

    I wuz cuttin' wood in our Mountains & found an O.D. can of FRUITCAKE It was GOOD! TIP: if going into the woods, DON'T buy a Camoflouged WALLETAND, don't back up over your Gas Can! I collect many smashed ones in the woods! I could tell STORIES & STORIES about the woods, even SNAKE stories!