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Mystery Weston Volt Meter

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  • Mystery Weston Volt Meter

    I've seen these before, but am wondering what they might have been used for with the voltage set at 3.3 volts?

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    If I remember correctly 3.3 volts was a common tube filament voltage.


    • Mike V. Florida
      Mike V. Florida commented
      Editing a comment
      Should have added ...for portable tube radios running on batteries.

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    I was also thinking it must be for very old tube filament voltage, but I'm more in tune with 6 and 12 volt tubes, like 6SA7 or 12SA7.


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      Ya know, in the '70's I got my Class 1 Radio Phone Technicians license with tube theory and I was sitting here wracking my brain to remember the voltages and I can't remember any 3volt tubes. Now this is not to say there weren't any, I just can't remember any, and like Tom, I am thinking they were either 6 or 12volt filaments.
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