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Postal Proof Packing.

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    Postal Proof Packing.

    Isn't that a laugh, because there is nothing the post office can't break. Anyway, for most items Styrofoam peanuts aren't the best packing material because they allow the object to shift to the side where it will wind up broken. I'm shipping off a mint original 1930 coil, and the smallest safe box is 7" x 7" x 6". I put an inch layer on the bottom, then stuffed foam blocks of plastic on all sides. I positioned the coil tower slightly up and will pack all around it so it can't move to the side or be crushed by the box being thrown across the room.

    If you don't have these foam plastic blocks, then the next best thing to use is rolled up corrugated cardboard to take up space and hold the object away from every side, then spray expanding foam around the cardboard to make it a solid block. Before doing this be sure to wrap the object in a couple plastic bags first, so no foam gets on it, and to protect it from having the paint rubbed off.

    Coil Packing.JPG

    Using the spray foam to lock everything together is a super idea.

    I love looking at the tracking log when an Amazon seller ships by USPS. The stuff takes forever. Reason? The items go around and around endlessly. I live in Colleyville, and the next city is Grapevine, 5 min away. My items bounce between the 2 cities at least 4 times, every time, until they are sent back to Ft Worth, 30 min away, and finally back to Colleyville for delivery. At least 3 days are added to delivery time each and every time. The items sure must suffer from dizziness by the time they get here LOL


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      Sure like the free shipping if Tom's mailing me something !!