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Piston Ring Compressor and Spreader

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  • Piston Ring Compressor and Spreader

    Here are 2 tools you will need to install piston rings. Could be a good buy if the bidding doesn't go wild.

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    I used to have that style ring compressor, but the last ring to go down in the hole usually slips out.. I have been using the wrinkle type compressor with better luck..

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      Yep, when I get to the last oil rail I tap the compressor tight to the block, then tap the piston down.


      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
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        i try that and still get screwed sometimes

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      FESS UP, has anyone ever been doing a RING job, LATE at night & BREAK that LAST Ring & carefully select an OLD Ring & finish it up? (AND, try to fergit WHICH Hole you put it into????):rolling NEVER had a "comeback", jist SOLD the car---LOL
      Dad Didit


      • DaWizard
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        *raises hand*

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      Piston ring gap.
      by DaWizard
      I just went through the whole thread on engines and didn't find an answer, so, what is the end gap of piston rings for the Model A engine?

      I know I have the answer somewhere in my muddled brain but I just can't seem to retrieve it.
      02-16-2020, 06:30 PM
    • DaWizard
      by DaWizard
      Well, got the pistons and con rods out of the block today as I am finished for now on the "craft shed" for the kidlet.

      Much to my dismay, none, nada, zip con rods have shims on the big ends!

      There is also something I have not seen before, pistons with not just one compression ring, not two, but three compression rings!! Plus the normal oil ring!!

      08-08-2018, 02:46 PM
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      3 ring pistons
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      I've heard of this in the past and might have seen some pictures, but as far as I've been able to find were rings for pistons with 2 grooves and the oil ring. Anybody know where to find rings for a 3 ring piston?
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      Piston Ring Compressor
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      Actually need one for the T engine I am working on now, but would like to get one for the A pistons also. Whats your favorite? I am looking at all these nice tapered adjustable ones that look pretty slick. I always had one of the coil spring metal ones for years, but it walked off. The bore on the T is
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      Piston Expander. "Koetherizer"
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      I posted this on "another"forum in response to others and thought it might prove interesting on VFF
      "I have a piston expander called a Koetherizer. Invented by Emil Koether in the Early 1930's. You clean the piston internally by blasting with walnut shells in the right hand chamber of the machine. Then insert the special squeeze bolt through the gudgeon holes, tighten the bolt...
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 2 photos.
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      Old pistons
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      im tearing an engine down, and it has ford .045" pistons with center lock wrist question is regarding the rings. The upper slot has a .012" spacer so it can use the same size ring as the middle slot. Yes, different size slots. The middle has one inch pieces stacked underneath the ring, so as to push the ring tighter to the cylinder wall. Whether these were originally one solid ring,...
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      4 ring pistons
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      Getting back to an old project I have broken down an model a engine I picked up years ago. The pistons have 4 rings. All the catalogs only supply 3 ring pistons. The pistons and cylinders look good so I want to reuse them but I cant find any parts listing for 4 piston rings anywhere. Can any one help me locate a supplier? At the moment I dont know the manufacturer of the pistons. The engine was rebuilt...
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      piston to wall clearance
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      If .003 was too tight before, it will be too tight again.
      07-22-2017, 08:19 PM
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      Repro vs original design piston rings
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      Are the piston rings of the repro piston head designs interchangeable with that of an original design with the same diameter?

      I have piston heads of this design type with 0.010 oversize. (Picture from google, not from my actual pistons)

      But the rings on these pistons need replacing.

      The problem is, the webshops in my country selling reproductions,...
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    • pooch
      Rings moving
      by pooch
      Do piston rings move around the piston in normal use?

      Like, if I take care to set gap positions all correctly, is it a waste of time?

      I once read of a guy who said it was imperative to set the top ring gap directly opposite the exhaust valve , then I think he said set the next gap at 180 , then set the oil ring gap upwards (on a V8).

      What do the...
      03-08-2019, 01:20 AM