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  • Bull Horn Picture

    For those not familure with a bull horn, here's a picture of one I bought a year ago at a swap meet. I tested it on Pat's power supply, but it doesn't work. The amp meter shows a small amount of current flow on 6 and on 12 volts, so I suspect the contacts are corroded. Tomorrow I'll see if I can get it apart and clean the contacts, and try it again. To operate these you just pull the lever down, and the horn will make the sound of a bull calling for it's cow.


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    A friend of mine had one of those, and a bunch of cows destroyed his car
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      Sounds like a LOT of BULL, to me
      Buster T.


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        Tom, did you ever fix this horn? I have one in the garage as well. Jeff
        Twiss Collector Car Parts


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          Originally posted by JDupuis View Post
          Tom, did you ever fix this horn? I have one in the garage as well. Jeff
          No, the rivets would need to be drilled out to remove the cover, so I just set it aside for now.


          • JDupuis
            JDupuis commented
            Editing a comment
            Thanks for the update. Jeff

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