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Bee's wax and Aluminum

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  • Bee's wax and Aluminum

    I was told today that if you use your standard grinder wheel on Aluminum, to use bee's wax on the blade first ? I guess the aluminum grinder disks, have that incorporated in it. Anyone want to comment on this ? Pat
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's

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    Interesting. I know I'm supposed to use bee's wax on the lock cams for my car top carriers. It makes them work so much easier, and prevents any galling of the aluminum. I recently cut some vinyl siding and some aluminum, and I used a fine tooth blade running backwards in my table saw. It did a good job, and when I was done I could push off any aluminum that stuck to the blade. The wax probably would have helped.


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      I would not advise using a grinding wheel (Stone) on any non-ferrous metal.
      I have used Beeswax on rotary files and rasps with acceptable results if the tool was cleaned and re-waxed periodically.
      Regards - Randy
      Randy's Rod Shop
      1933 Ford Tudor "Bugsy"


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        Has there been other reports of this happening?

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        paste wax buffing
        by ClaudeC
        Just started using old fashioned Johnson paste wax. the way cars were waxed 50 years ago.
        I learned to apply the wax very very sparingly.
        buffy off with a clean cloth.....
        But here is the new part.
        Even after you buff then can go and buff to death to achieve a mirror like shine.
        I think small buffing power tool would be best suited for this final step.
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