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Softening Old Hard Rubber Parts

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  • Softening Old Hard Rubber Parts

    Today I got a rubber hose from ebay, which the seller said was good. I guess we have a different idea of the meaning of "GOOD". It's very hard and if I could even get it installed, it would probably crack from engine vibration. I'll try to soften it by using the method I found on Google. This did soften the rubber cup on my dad's old BB gun. Look on ebay for the best Wintergreen Oil price. I bought some from China for about 1/10 what the local health store wanted. I try to buy local, but won't pay 10 times the price.
    • Mix a solution of three parts rubbing alcohol to one part wintergreen oil. ...
    • Submerge the rubber item, seal the container, and check regularly for softening.

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    Thanks Tom this is good to know. Follow up on how it works out for ya..
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      A wheel cylinder cup, this l-------l big, left in Dip Carb Cleaner overnight, will grow to this l-------------------------------------------------l BIG!! AND it'll be VERY SOFT!!
      I've also "heard" that there is a VIAGRA, that'll make your BRAIN GROW BIGGER????---Whar's my CREDIT CARD, Dog?---"You ATE it"!!!!!
      Dad "Helpful"
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      • Mitch
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        Kinda like what brake fluid will do

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      Brake fluid's not as harmful as when you add ATF to Girling Crimson Brake Fluid! The rubbers remove, like PLOOOOOP! Repaired A Jaguar, whose system was totally filled & bled, with ATF! Even destroyed the Girling Hydro-Vac booster. They even topped up the Clutch Master Cylinder, with ATF!!!---ALSO, the car wouldn't RUN, same Guys replaced the Lucas Battery & hooked it up BACKWARDS!---Early Jags were Positive Earth, like a Model A.
      Dad Seeneverything


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