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  • Sandblasting Away Details

    In the past I've read some people have concerns about sandblasting taking away fine details, such as machine marks left by stamping and pressing parts into shape. I've just never seen any reason to worry, as the blasting quickly removes paint and rust without hurting fine details. If the rust is deep and pitted or flaking, the details have already been removed by rust. Here's 3 pictures showing the battery hold down for my Studebaker. I should have taken a before picture, but it would have been the same as the first picture, except for showing some original paint and some rust.

    After blasting the metal clean I give it a quick light brush on the wire wheel. This removes the dull grey look. The second picture shows where the wire wheel can't reach in the corner, so I'll have to use a small wire brush.

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    I guess it also makes a difference of how aggressive the media is that's being used
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