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Lighter Socket Air Compressors

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  • Lighter Socket Air Compressors

    I buy these small air compressors at garage sales or second hand stores for $5 and less. This is one I bought this summer at the second hand store for $3.
    This is my favorite because it's direct drive with a large motor, so it's a little faster and quieter than the gear reduction types. Too bad all the accessories are gone, but it does it's main job of inflating tires.

    Air Compressor 12 volt.JPG

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    Have you tried it on 6V? I have a similar one and on 6V it runs 'till 33psi then stops. Perfect! Fast idle (7.2V) it locks up at 38psi. A little slow, but much less work than the hand pump with an absolutely empty freshly patched inner tube!
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      Mike, yes, I have the same results when I tried it on 6 volts.
      BTW, this is from your home town. The label reads: Brown Corporation, Chicago, IL.


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        I once bought a Ford Fiesta that had one of these "Lighter Socket Air Compressors" in it. I never tried it on 6 volts, but works just fine on 12v. The lighter socket eventually melted, so I cut it off and put small battery clips on it. Now just connect it to the battery.
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