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  • American Pickers was in Town

    American Pickers was just across the river from me a couple weeks ago, and this guy's place will be on TV early next year. I don't have cable, so I'll miss it.
    Every time I drive by his house, I wonder how he gets by with this neat decorating. If I tried something like that, the city would tell me to remove it.
    I also wonder how he doesn't get the signs stolen all the time.


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    Some of us folks have big guns and burial sites ;) Who knows how many fellers he's got in his back yard by now !
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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      Originally posted by pAAt View Post
      Some of us folks have big guns and burial sites ;) Who knows how many fellers he's got in his back yard by now !
      So, you think that black thing on the end of the garage might be a crematory?


      • pAAt
        pAAt commented
        Editing a comment
        Looks like a great spot, right out in the open, with free ribs on Thursday !!

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      If they were flags someone would have them taken down.


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        My father-in-law got tired of some stealing gas out of his truck. He attached a electric fence wire to the truck, the next morning he found the gas cap beside is truck, no gas had been taken :-)


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          Slim pickings
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          Not much early ford stuff at Cessnock swap last weekend.

          A reasonably good (for over here) T tudor body for $2200 AUD.

          Just a few Model A wheels and various small bits, nothing too exciting.

          Was an older restored 53 chev 4 door sedan on full rego for $13K, if you like that brand. if it was a 53 Ford in the same conditon, they would have been asking $50K.
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          Picked up my 21 stud English engine.
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          I run the same engine in my Model A hiboy, so this is going to be a spare for insurance.

          When I first bought my hiboy engine 4 years ago, I thought I was buying a 37 ford truck motor as that is what it came out of.

          I had a 39 Ford deluxe when I was 15 for a couple...
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          Ballarat swap meet 2019
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          Not sure what the back of this ute is.

          Not a Geelong ute.

          Probably a one off farmer's build.

          Canadian deluxe folding stanchions for a 28/29.

          A feral 34 or 33 (I don't know the difference) chopped ute.

          Dunno what body style it started life as, but it looked a treat driving in.

          The driver...
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          Don't toss those tapered kitchen table legs.
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          Always hard to find metal bows, and I would never chop a restorable set.

          This is what you can do with kitchen table legs.

          I first flattened them to an oval, then sectioned a piece out where the bend is.

          Then squared it a touch on the inside of the bend so it would fit in my stretcher machine, and pumped the curve into it.

          The end pieces...
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          Some pics from the swap yesterday
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          Ford swap at Eastern Creek on july 28.

          34 cabriolet from Argentina.

          37 sedan.

          1920 T truck.

          In the car park was this older build T bucket, 48 ? Sedan, 48 ? convertible.

          Was a bit of speed gear there, and a complete lincoln V 12 motor in bits.
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          Farmer fixes on unrestored.
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          With the advent of not restoring and leaving old repairs in as found condition, some of these are quite unique..

          Maybe he shoulda put the screw slots inline.........

          01-07-2019, 03:29 PM
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          A few Yellowstone and Glacier Natl Park photos
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          60 Dallas club people and 15 Model As just got back from the parks after a 10 day tour.
          The buses are 1937 Whites. The yellow ones are in Yellowstone, the red ones in Glacier. There were over 100 yellow ones in the beginning. After decades, they were falling into disrepair. Ford re-framed and re-powered them, and left the coaches alone for that vintage look. They bear both the White emblem and...
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          Firewall Insulator
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          I just picked up a molded firewall insulator from someone who purchased it and then decided to go another way.

          The insulator, according to the packing slip, was made by Timothy Cox, now QuietRide.

          I have laid it up on the inside of my indented 31 firewall, The firewall has a slight bend forward just above the terminal box that is not molded into the insulator. When I put...
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