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  • A Super Tire Deal

    I just found this posted on another website, and was wondering if anyone else ever heard of such a good deal on new tires?

    "I found Hancook Optimo H724 white wall tires, 205 75 15's for $ 56.97 on Then I checked Amazon Prime and they had the same tire for $ 51.27. I tell Discount Tire about it and they agree to match the price, and inform me of a $ 75.00 black Friday mail in rebate for set of 4 as well. It works out to $ 32.50 a tire with free shipping! I can't remember the last time I got tires so cheap!

    I love Black Friday...especially when I don't have to go anywhere!"

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    That is a good deal with the rebate. Hancook is a good tire, so i looked these up from my tire wholesaler. They are 70,000 mileage rated, and says that they have cost is 60.94
    Go for it buy a few sets
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