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When Your Horn Goes Buzz Instead of Beep

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  • When Your Horn Goes Buzz Instead of Beep

    Just look inside to see if a bee took up shelter inside the horn. I picked this horn up a week ago from the junk yard, then had it in the house for 4 days, and discover a bee has taken up winter residence. I thought it much be dead, but when I shook the horn, the bee moved it's legs very slowly. Apparently bees go into a winter slumber, like bears. Anyway, now the bee is gone and the horn has been sandblasted and painted.


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    Be careful that's one of those secret spy drones
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      I sandblasted the horn, removed a few small dents in the cover, then painted it with Rustoleum 2X semi-gloss black.
      Tomorrow I'll take a picture outside in natural daylight to see if the paint color doesn't show up much better.

      Horn 1950 a.JPG


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        Here's a couple more pictures that might help to show the Rustoleum Semi-Gloss Black. I took these early this morning with the sun just an hour after sunrise, but not brightly lit up. First picture is with the flash, and the second picture is with the flash turned off. So far I think this is the best paint for a quick rattle can paint job. I can't afford to mix up PPG for each small paint job, but would use it if I had a lot of parts to paint all at one time.



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