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Another Good Store is Closing

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    Another Good Store is Closing

    There is a very good second hand store across the road from Fleet Farm, 5 miles west of me. I just came from there, and they just announced they are closing, and everything $10 and under is 75% off. I just bought $104 worth of goods for $26, this antique gas iron being one of the items. It only cost me $1.75, and is in great condition. It's supposed to have a small brass hand pump to pump air pressure into the tank, but I have one somewhere for my gas lantern.

    The store gets it's merchandise from cleaning out houses, so that's a good deal, as they get paid to clean out the house, then get paid again when they sell it. Sure hate to see them close, as they always had the best prices, and I could find a lot of old American made tools. Today I bought some Thorson hand wrenches for 25 cents each.

    Iron Gas.JPG

    It’s hard to see business like this dry up and blow away.... We have a couple of “thrift” stores in Kenyon that we try to frequent. We also donate useable items to them in order to help them out a bit.
    Regards - Randy
    Randy's Rod Shop
    1933 Ford Tudor "Bugsy"