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  • A Heavy Duty Quality Fuel Filter

    I saw this filter a month ago at the used tool store, but didn't buy it for $15. Yesterday my neighbor needed a fuel filter for his Army Jeep, and I told him this was the one to buy. The filter is two stacks of thin brass washers held together by long rivets going into the cast iron top. The very thin space between the hundreds of thin brass discs will block out dirt to a very small size. I wonder if it would also block water? I think it would since the fine brass screen in the nozzle on a gas container will block water. The steel plug is to plug the top inlet, then I need to drill and tap for a side inlet. It was nice of the factory to cast a centering divot for this purpose.

    Back in the 70's I remember reading about an oil filter used by Rolls Royce that filtered the oil the same way in the 30's. Filter Fuel Brass Disc.JPG

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    When I worked in an Aircraft Maintenance facility, the oil filters for the DC-6's were that way.
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      The stock Model A fuel filtering consists of a stand up pencil type filter screen on top of the tank shutoff valve which sits inside the tank, (these pencil filters were not used when the car was built) a cast iron or glass sediment bowl and an inlet screen at the carburetor. The late 31 indented fire wall models have the shut off valve under the...
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      Look forward to the answers so I can move on.

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      Does not seem to be oiled - info on the site sys it is pre-oiled, however does not seem oily to the touch, up to me to oil it?

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