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    I had enough, my EL JUNKO cloths washer, is

    I might just take to the range and test out my Mauser on it...

    My new Speed Queen from you Wisconsin folks is on the way. MADE IN USA!!!

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      MSH, did you buy it from the Elmwood Hardware store ? They advertise good quality, like the older models, We bought a new one and the wife hates it ! We're checking on buying a good used one or drive to Elmwood, Wisconsin (45 minutes away)and buy a new one. I'll use this one to clean parts or put it at the front of the driveway with a sign like Michael's. Keep me updated on how you like it. Pat
      Model A's and of course the famous AA's


        BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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        Met some nice clean lookin' Folks at my WASH & TUMBLE place. A Sailor showed me how to ROLL clothes, to fit in a Back Pack---I left when an Old Lady came on to me!
        Dad Clean

      • pAAt
        pAAt commented
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        Bill, I was once told by an older gentleman, get what you can when you can !! Being clean can wait till another day Pat's a bit of a retrospect ? or something on that order... Sending you good cheer and nothing else Pat

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