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    I really enjoy spending time in a junkyard, and today I drove 50 miles to visit French Lake Auto Parts, as they specialize in old car parts. I was looking for some small parts for the 1950 Land Cruiser I just bought. Even cats know which cars are best, as a cat went running out of the front seat of the fist Studebaker I looked at. Anyway I found several parts I can use, and to my surprise I was charged about half of what I thought it would be. After checking out the row of Studebakers, I walked past some school busses full of parts. I noticed 19" and 21" Model A wheels in one of the buses. I didn't ask the price, since I wasn't buying them. I'll have to return again in the spring and spend more time removing some good parts I can use. I was on a Studebaker run today, and never thought to ask if he had any Model A's or parts for them.

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    I’ve heard nothing but good about French Lake Auto Parts. I really need to get there some day!
    Regards - Randy
    Randy's Rod Shop
    1933 Ford Tudor "Bugsy"


    • pAAt
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      Tom never invites me either Bigfoot

      BNCHIEF commented
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      Paat he called but your download time is so slow you will get the call next week.

    • pAAt
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      Chief, I just got your comment now !! My internet speed here makes me feel like I'm moving very fast

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    Originally posted by pAAt View Post
    Tom never invites me either Bigfoot
    Pat, drive up tomorrow morning and we can make another run out there, then you can attend out Model A monthly meeting from 7 to 9 tomorrow night.


    • pAAt
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      I'll have to check the weather. I've been driving tractor, when the farmers need me. I'll check later tonight and let you know or I can at least make it to a meeting with you next month. Pat

    • pAAt
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      Weather looking good for farming tomorrow Tom. Dec. meeting ? Pat

    • Ted Duke
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      There's any offer and IF I was closer I'd beg for an invite. I love old junkyards. Most of them gone around here.

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    Originally posted by pAAt View Post
    Weather looking good for farming tomorrow Tom. Dec. meeting ? Pat
    Well, you didn't miss anything. It was so cold and windy that I only stayed about 30 minutes before my fingers started freezing and I left.
    Floyd, the owner, wasn't there, so I had to pay the high buck counter guys twice what the few parts were worth.


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      Drizzling down here, but we did get 4 trucks loaded before shutting down for the day. I was told the next 7 days are supposed to be good and not from the weatherman.
      Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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        Originally posted by pAAt View Post
        Drizzling down here, but we did get 4 trucks loaded before shutting down for the day. I was told the next 7 days are supposed to be good and not from the weatherman.
        Years ago Paul Harvey told of a farmer in Texas who predicted the weather by watching what his cows were doing.
        It was said he was more accurate than the weatherman.


        • pAAt
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          Farmers Almanac used to be more reliable and they forecasted a year ahead !

        • Big-Foot
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          Yeah, and that’s when those two crazy Hispanics got involved...
          La Nina
          El Nino
          We’ve been screwed ever since....

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        My wife figured out years ago that if ALL of the cows are lying down it's either too darn hot OR the weather is going to turn bad. She's right 90% of the time.


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