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    The local used and new tool store has a supply of used taps and dies with at least 3 different class fits, so if a tighter fit is needed for the Model A, there is a good chance they have the tap or die. At the last Model A meeting one of the members gave me his old AMF motorbike because he couldn't get it started, and the throttle cable was missing. The hand twist grip is also broken, but I hope to repair that. I ordered a universal throttle cable off ebay, and it came yesterday. Has China ever heard of, or do they understand thread fit? I have never seen such a sloppy fit. The lock nut can't be grabbing any more than 10% of the outer edge of the thread. I can move the nut side to side at least .020".

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    I have also run into that, I wonder if the spec's get lost in the translations, or they really don't care? They run our companies out of business and then supply use junk!


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