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Interesting Rare Third Brake Light

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  • Interesting Rare Third Brake Light

    These are really neat, but usually quite expensive. You connect a vacuum line to a vacuum switch which works off the brake pedal, then to the intake manifold. When the pedal is pushed the vacuum is sent back to the light, which had a vacuum motor to swing the light left and right. I have one that I'll connect to my Model A someday. I'm not sure who made these old lights, but they are often called "Studebaker Wig-Wag".

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    One sold on ebay for 400
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      Here's another interesting one I saw a while back:
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 1 photos.
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      • CarlG
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        I still like Tom's Studebaker light better, but not $400 better.

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      Those are pretty cool....
      I’ve not seen them before!
      Regards - Randy
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        I didn't realize they moved so quickly. I may have to install a restrictor to slow mine down when I install it.


        • Big-Foot
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          I suppose if you fed it with 12v, it might shake the car like an out of balance washing machine during spin cycle!

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