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Interesting Rare Third Brake Light

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  • Interesting Rare Third Brake Light

    These are really neat, but usually quite expensive. You connect a vacuum line to a vacuum switch which works off the brake pedal, then to the intake manifold. When the pedal is pushed the vacuum is sent back to the light, which had a vacuum motor to swing the light left and right. I have one that I'll connect to my Model A someday. I'm not sure who made these old lights, but they are often called "Studebaker Wig-Wag".

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    One sold on ebay for 400
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      Here's another interesting one I saw a while back:
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      • CarlG
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        I still like Tom's Studebaker light better, but not $400 better.

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      Those are pretty cool....
      I’ve not seen them before!
      Regards - Randy
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        I didn't realize they moved so quickly. I may have to install a restrictor to slow mine down when I install it.


        • Big-Foot
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          I suppose if you fed it with 12v, it might shake the car like an out of balance washing machine during spin cycle!

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        Brake light Switch
        by JohnB15632
        Can anyone out there is Model A land tell me what is connected to the eyelet on the rear of the brake light switch?

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        07-17-2019, 04:07 PM
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        Third brake light required?
        by JohnB15632
        I am putting led lights in my rear tail lights both for running and brake/turn signal.
        Question, because these lights are much brighter, is there a need for a third brake light which is higher and centered on the rear of the A?

        I am assuming that now is the time to install this light as I have yet to install the interior.

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        third brake light
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        I installed a third brake light from J&L Enterprises on my roadster pickup, to add to the extra lights under the bed. It also serves as a turn signal light if your car is so equipped....
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        I spent the better part of the last two days trying to figure out why I was getting power to my tail light but not my brake light. Today I started at the front and checked every point in the circuit until I found the problem.
        Send me $5 and I’ll reveal whodunnit.

        Just kidding. It turned out to be a frayed and broken wire between the brake light switch and the light. New wires...
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        I am having a problem with the LED Tail/Brake Lights. The Brake Lights are supposed to light brighter when the brake is depressed.

        My question, how can one bank of LED lights light differently when the two are connected with a red connection wire?
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        This gallery has 1 photos.
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      • Tom Wesenberg
        A Quick Fix for the Brake Light Stays On
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        After fixing the headlamps on my friend's 31 yesterday, I found the brake light wouldn't go out. We were running out of time and didn't have time to remove cotter pins and adjust the brake rods, so I just slipped a 22 shell over the end of the brake switch rod, and that moved it enough to turn out the brake light.
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        I will be installing a new main harness in my 31.
        And in doing so I want to remove the signal light from the rear bumper to the tea cups and installing LEDs a little more visible than what is there now. I am leaning towards the LED bulb instead of the circuit board style. I know the driving lights are the bottom and the brake future signal light are on top of the rear tail...
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        My brother's brake light stays on all the time because the pedal is sagging. He already has a return spring on it. It's a 30 Tudor. Any ideas?
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